Our Services


Small Group Personal Training

At Level 3 Fitness, our small group approach offers you all the benefits of individualized coaching for a fraction of the cost with more scheduling flexibility. Is this just a small class?  No, you will get individualized instruction to make sure you are achieving the goals and results you want.  Combining the attention of 1-on-1 training with the added benefits of camaraderie and community, small group personal training is the way to go to reach and even exceed your goals and enjoy life on a whole new level.


Personal Training

Sometimes you just need the 1-on-1 care that our expert functional movement coaches provide. Your coach will be focused 100% on you to help you reach your specific goals.


Physical Therapy

Whether you’ve just recently been injured or you’ve been in pain for years, we will provide the 1-on-1 care you need.  Getting you out of pain is just the beginning,  getting you back to the activities you love is the destination.


Massage, Red Light Therapy, Etc.

All treatments are based on your specific issues to help you get out of pain, heal, and recover even faster after an injury or surgery.  Our Board Certified Massage Therapist is trained in western and eastern therapeutic techniques to help you recover or just relax, whatever you need.



Our registered dietitian will work with you to design a specific nutrition plan that will work for your goals. No cookie-cutter diet plans here. You will also focus on creating a positive mindset around change to help you stick to your plan for long-term success.