3D Movement Assessments

A whole new way to see how you move, improving your results, and reducing your risk of injury.

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What is a 3D Movement Assessment?

You will go through a series of movements in front of a special camera that captures a 3-dimensional video.  Your staff member will then go over your results so that you can see how your shoulders, back, hips, knees, and ankles move and see which joints aren’t moving well which could be leading to pain and injuries.

This allows us to create individualized exercise programs just for you, whether you are working with us in our studio or exercising on your own.





Accurate Measurements

See how your joints move in real-world situations and get detailed measurements.

See Your Progress

We compare your movements over time to see how you are progressing and can alter your program based on these results.

Individualized Exercise Selection

Individualizing your program helps you to achieve better results through specific exercises determined by your goals and limitations.

Reduce Injury Risk

The majority of injuries are caused by imbalances and we can use the video analysis to design the best program for you.

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