Level 3 Fitness: Fed up with the fitness fads and insurance industry, we are reshaping the approach to healthy movement.

Obviously, you are still looking for a solution that doesn’t involve drugs, medications, or surgery.  We understand because we have been in your shoes.  That’s why we created Level 3 Fitness, a multi-faceted studio with a team of certified personal trainers, licensed physical therapists, a kinesiotherapist, massage therapist and a registered dietitian working together to help you reach your goals.

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Level 3 Fitness

Whether you want to hike without pain, get on the floor to play with your kids or grandkids, or return to any other activities you love without needing drugs, medication, or surgery, our experienced staff will help you achieve and maintain your goals. Through our unique blend of personal training and physical therapy along with our other specialists we are prepared to help you, no matter where you are starting.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, recovering from an injury or dealing with a chronic issue, we will guide you on your path to a healthy and more active lifestyle.

The Team

Neil Bogan owner of Level 3 Fitness

Neil Bogan

Owner, Physical Therapist

I still remember my first sprained ankle in middle school, OUCH!, and what I had to do to get back onto the soccer field and basketball court. A few more sprained ankles and a few more rounds of physical therapy and I knew that I wanted to help other people recover from their injuries.
I spent five years as an athletic trainer working with college athletes and then went to physical therapy school.
25 years later, my favorite moments are still seeing a client’s excitement when they get back to doing an activity that they love. Unfortunately I see too many people that have poor outcomes from traditional therapy and that’s why I started Level 3 Fitness to be able to break the mold and not be guided by insurance companies so that I can truly help my clients recover fully.
As the owner of Level 3 Fitness I am so lucky to be surrounded by great therapists and movement coaches to help me stay healthy and “mostly” pain free while snowboarding as my wife and daughter ski circles around me. I also love reading, learning, and I’m always up for watching a good movie and especially a good musical.


Gail Ausbun

Registered Kinesiotherapist, Board Certified Massage Therapist

Growing up my family and I were very active in sports, hiking, bicycling, camping etc. Through my own injuries and those of my family I got to see what happens in a hospital up close and that inspired me to want to help people.
I found my passion in Kinesiotherapy, a branch of Physical Therapy, focusing on treating dysfunctional movement and pain and added Western and Eastern Bodywork Techniques and Functional Nutrition certifications to help me to better help my clients. I am known for the “wow, I don’t even know what she just did but I feel soooo much better” response to my work. Over 30 years in the field and I am still learning and growing and enjoying every day.
My family and my furry kiddos are my greatest passion. I also enjoy the outdoors, music, art, gardening, home remodeling, and am hoping to add more travel this year.


Doug Aylesworth

Functional Movement Coach

I have always been involved in athletics of some type including basketball, golf, triathlons, and now parenting (with 2 teenage boys, it is definitely a sport). My focus in my own health journey is to become as “unbreakable” as possible and to lead others on that same journey. I really care about helping anyone who wants to move better and feel better to live a more physically active and fulfilled life. Outside of work I love spending time with my family, reading and learning, perfecting the art of napping and generally enjoying life.


Jen Kittleson

Physical Therapist, Advanced Functional Dry Needling Level 3

One of my first memories as a toddler was wanting to be just like my pediatrician, who looked like Snow White, when I grew up. While I didn’t quite go that route, I did pursue a career in the health field. I was always active in sports, especially competitive swimming and that’s why I wanted to find a career that kept me moving and away from a desk.
With over 25 years of experience as a physical therapist, I love uncovering the “why” behind what causes movement dysfunction and pain and working with my clients to find solutions to help them feel and move better. I am often called the “posture police” and specialize in ergonomics, manual therapy, dry needling and therapeutic exercise.
As a “nearly” native of Colorado, moving here at 2 months old, I enjoy swimming, live music, and time in the mountains, skiing, hiking and camping with my husband, son, and daughter. But my absolute favorite thing to do is to enjoy the calm of the early morning with that first sip of hot coffee.


Rachel Schreyer

Registered Dietitian, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

I was drawn to this field because although I grew up as an athlete and have always made my health a priority, I found most fitness and nutrition programs I tried never addressed the root causes of any issues and just focused on quick results.
I ended up dealing with some significant injuries and health issues and I had trouble finding practitioners that treated me as a whole person.
That is what drives me to focus on my clients long term health by healing the body through individualized movement and nutrition programs.
My objective is to meet you wherever you’re at and then work towards your goals through small and sustainable adjustments to your fitness and nutrition programs. Working together, we will continuously monitor how your body responds to each exercise and/or diet change, modifying them when needed so you can be successful and continue to do the things you enjoy.
Outside of work I love to hike with my dogs, stand up paddle board, play snow sports, golf, and soccer, and read, meditate, and play piano.


Kit Matthews

Physical Therapy Assistant, Admin

Bio coming soon.

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