Success Stories


What Level 3 Fitness Clients say about the staff and
the success they have achieved with us: 


Ron Rabin

Working with David Jacobs and Level 3 Fitness has enhanced my life in so many ways. I have gone from herniated discs with nerve damage and frequent muscle cramps to biking and walking around Denver pain-free. I even do push-ups, squats, and other exercises when I walk around City Park. I know I move better now than I did 15-20 years ago and that’s why I keep going to Level 3.

Ron and David.jpeg


Elizabeth Randall

Neil, we’ve just returned from our epic hike, and I am so grateful for you! I completed the 270 miles without pain or injury and felt great as we walked the last mile into the last town. Thank you for helping me to prepare and teaching me enough to help me ward off little issues as they emerged. I did my exercises every morning before setting off, and at the end of the day as well. So — big thank you from both of us!!!


We asked: How Is Level 3 Fitness Different Than Other Places?


Sadie Connally

“First, there is no membership fee. It is not just a money chaser. The staff is friendly, caring, and responsible.”

Gene Bloom

“Most of my previous trainers had set “routines” for their clients.  Level 3 treats the individual and focuses on each person’s specific needs.”

Diana Laughlin

“Every session is different and geared to what needs attention that day”

Michael Frank

“There is great personal attention here. Great ability to listen and then tailor the visit to my specific needs.” 

Marv R.

“Neil’s approach is tailored to my needs- and needs of my family. The entire family has worked with Neil.”


“Other PT places I’ve been to seem to have more of a cookbook approach.  Neil is so smart about the body and gives a plan appropriate to my situation.”


I've had the privilege of working with Gail as my fitness trainer for the past 16 years - she is excellent! Her energy and wisdom inspire my workouts! Gail's insight and vast experience have been of great benefit in my rehabilitation from sports injuries over the years. I'm so fortunate to have such a multi- talented coach!

Julie M


We asked: What Is Your Favorite Part Of Training/Rehabbing At Level 3 Fitness? 


Cora K.

“The overall atmosphere is positive - nice venue, nice music, and very friendly people.”

B.B. Schmid

“Getting better and seeing improvement.  Plus, I love the massage chair :) “ 

Bonnee Oderberg

“All of it. It is a very happy and uplifting experience every time”

Roger Druckman

“The thoroughness of the explanations of the training”

Eva Ruda-Hull

“Neil has helped my L5-S1 problem so much that I was able to avoid a recommended surgery.”

Michael Frank

“How I always feel walking out after a session with David” 



Susan Lazar Lackner

Approximately six years ago, I was diagnosed with Spondylolithesis. It is believed that this is a stress fracture in the lower back that has never healed. This often leads to chronic back pain. I saw two different physical therapists over a number of months without relief. Both my internist and orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery. Gail Ausbun was my last attempt to avoid back surgery. I worked with her twice a week for a year. With each week and month, I improved to the point that I could live a normal life. Gail not only relieved the pain in my back but she taught me many valuable skills to maintain my recovery. We have worked off and on for the past several years, particularly when I have had a flare-up or my back gets out of alignment. Gail couldn’t cure my Spondylolithesis. It is a condition that will always be a part my back structure. However, she did teach me how to live with this condition in the fullest way. Now, I do aerobic and weight training four to five days a week and at age 62, I am now able to enjoy most days without discomfort. I credit Gail with my recovery. When I first started with her, she made me no promises. She is certainly my "Miracle Worker". I strongly recommend her and I believe she is a very special therapist.



Justin, Sales/Marketing

I went to a doctor because I was having excruciating foot pain. It felt like I had a broken bone in my foot. He recommended I get an orthotic and so I went to see Neil. He looked at my feet and legs as well as the wear patterns on my shoes. I stood on his machine that took 3D pictures of my feet and looked at what happened when I walked. It was really cool. I got my orthotics about a week later and have been running in them for about 2 months. I do not have any foot pain anymore.



Nina Sloan

My family and I live a very active Colorado lifestyle and Jen has been an incredibly valuable part of my overall fitness routine. Her knowledge of how the body works and how to strengthen it to keep me away from injuries is incredible... and for the times my body has needed some injury recovery, she has known exactly what to do. I would recommend her services to anyone.


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