Mobility Coaching 

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Mobility Coaching is for anyone who wants to build a healthy foundation of body awareness and learn basic strategies and skills toward moving pain-free.    


About Mobility Coaching

Learn how to stretch and strengthen your body using authentic movement patterns such as reaching, lifting, kneeling, walking, crawling, twisting.  Come learn how to prevent or rehab painful movements  that you are experiencing through your activities of daily living (ADL), like sitting on a toilet, getting into a car, putting on your shoes, and/or using your computer.  Everyone has to move through three-dimensional space...we teach you how to do it effectively and efficiently for your specific needs. This will change your life.


“Most of my previous trainers had set “routines” for their clients.  Level 3 treats the individual and focuses on each person’s specific needs.”


Learn how to prevent or rehab painful movements