Movement for life classes


A workout focused on the 7 fundamental movements needed for health and longevity - Breathing, Level Changing, Walking, Reaching, Lifting, Carrying and Pushing/Pulling.  


About Movement for Life Classes

You will increase mobility, flexibility, strength, and endurance for the REAL world, not just the gym. Our small group classes are not a bootcamp, a generic health club group exercise class or a one-size-fits-all push till you drop sweat class. That doesn’t mean that you won’t work hard but you will work SMART.  You must go through an assessment with one of our staff prior to starting a class to ensure that you are working at the right levels for you. You will be working with experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated trainers coaching you through workouts tailored specifically to your needs. Regardless of your current age or ability, our classes of 5 people or less ensure that you get the care of personal training at a fraction of the cost.  Schedule your free assessment today to see what Movement For Life can do for you.


*To participate in classes you must go through a free 30 minute assessment to limit injuries and maximize your results


I do aerobic and weight training four to five days a week and at age 62, I am now able to enjoy most days without discomfort.


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