4 Movements to Relieve your Foot Pain

Last week we released Part 1 of this article series all about your feet. In that article I discussed why your feet are so important and why they may be causing you problems.

Today in Part 2, I will be covering some simple things you can do at home to help your feet and possibly other parts of your body.

Let's get right to it.

The following tips can easily be done every day, some even while brushing your teeth.

1)    Massage each foot with a tennis ball, ½ ball (which we sell at Level 3 Fitness) lacrosse ball, racquetball, or any of the little knobby gizmos you can buy, they will all work.

Spend 1 minute on each foot going from each toe to your heel to make sure you get every spot.


2)    Get on your hands and knees with your ankles bent and your toes underneath.  Now rock back GENTLY to stretch your feet and ankles - 20x


3)    Now repeat with your feet pointed to stretch the tops of your feet - 20x

 4)    Stretch your calves the Level 3 Fitness way - Stand near a wall with one foot back and the other closer to the wall.  Make sure both feet are facing straight toward the wall.  Your back foot should be far enough away from the wall to feel a light stretch in your lower leg.  Now rotate your hips each way feeling the stretch change around your ankles and feet as you turn each way.  Make sure you keep your feet planted and your heels down as you rotate your hips. 

Do these four simple movements daily for the next 2 weeks and see how your body responds, then let me know how you feel by emailing me at Neil@Level3Fit.com.
Stay tuned for upcoming articles about choosing footwear and how your feet are directly connected to the rest of your body though chain reactions.   We may even answer the question "How does rubbing my feet relieve my headaches?"

Keep your feet healthy,

P.S. If you have any questions please email us at Support@Level3Fit.com.
We may even turn your questions into future articles.

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