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Redefining physical therapy
& personal training


Our staff is made up of physical therapists, kinesiotherapists, movement coaches and personal trainers that understand the huge gap between physical therapy and personal training.  

Physical therapy traditionally focuses on your localized injury leaving you with fear to do anything outside of your rehab exercises.

Personal training is oftentimes a random workout of the day based on something the trainer just watched online with no focus on your personal needs. 

Level 3 Fitness is focused on your needs to help you gain confidence, capability, and the capacity to enjoy Movement for Life.



The 3 Levels of Fitness

Through Movement for Life Classes, 1-on-1, or semi private sessions, we can help you through all three levels of fitness so that you can enjoy healthy Movement for Life.


The process of restoring tissues and systems to a healthy state.  We have physical therapists and kinesiotherapists to help you with injuries and chronic issues.


The ability to actively produce or control movement. Our movement coaches help you restore your functional and foundational movements to allow you to return to the activities you love.


The capacity to exert or withstand force or pressure. Our functional exercise specialists will design workouts specifically tailored to help you excel at your activities.



New to Level 3 Fitness?



Meet the Team


Doug Aylesworth, CPT, CAFS, CES

Doug came to Level 3 Fitness after becoming frustrated with the corporate structure at a “big-box” chain gym where the focus was on sales, not the client’s goals.  His passion is to help his clients explore their path toward better overall physical and emotional health through movement.

Doug specializes in functional movement and performance. Doug is also certified as a Cancer Exercise Specialist which is an area that is very personal to him.  

Before Doug and his wife started raising a family, he spent a good deal of his time training and racing in triathlons ranging from Olympic Distance to Ironman.  But, now that they are busy raising two boys, his new ultimate endurance event is parenthood...where there is no finish line, the course changes everyday, and the physical, emotional, and psychological demands never let up...he's never been happier!

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Gail Ausbun, MS, RKT, LMT

Gail Ausbun has 36 years of experience in Corrective Therapy and Exercise Science.   Gail is a Registered Kinesiotherapist, is Licensed and Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, is Certified as a Performance Nutritionist, a Health Coach, and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  Gail uses a unique combination of Eastern and Western approaches to improve your pain-free function through manual therapy skills and corrective exercise instruction.

Gail specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation, headaches, TMJ, and hand and wrist issues along with neurological balance issues.

Gail has participated in all kinds of physical exercise from running, skiing, and biking to tai chi.  Her self philosophy is “As long as you can...Move.”

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Lennon McCarthy, B.S., EP-C, CAFS, FRC

Lennon has over 7 years of experience in personal training and came to it through a very personal journey.  After ballooning up to over 360 lbs Lennon knew he needed to change a lot in his life. He hired a personal trainer and that is where his health journey began. He lost over 160 lbs and then decided it was his mission to help others change their lives as well.

Now as a healthy Certified Exercise Physiologist and Functional Exercise Specialist, Lennon excels in helping empower people to move better, make healthy lifestyle choices, and live full, gratifying, and successful lives.  His journey from fat to fit gives Lennon a unique perspective on making healthy life changes through healthy life choices.

Lennon is a die hard Nuggets and Broncos fan.  In his spare time he enjoys being active with his dogs, and playing basketball and tennis with his friends.

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Sarah Arbess, CAFS, NASM, CPT, FMS. RKC, PN1

Sarah is a CAFS and NASM certified personal trainer with over 15,000 client training hours. Along with her expertise in functional strength training and conditioning Sarah has spent the last few years learning and working with experts in the field of neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.  

Being passionate about nutrition and its function in a healthy lifestyle she recently became a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. As a PN1 Coach she can advise people on a variety of nutrition topics from weight loss/gain, muscle gain, healthy eating habits for life and nutrition for active agers.

Sarah is a 2nd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate. Outside of the gym she loves traveling and hiking and trail running beautiful Colorado with her husband, Jack.

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Jennifer (Jen) Kittleson, MSPT, CEAS, FDN

Jen has been practicing physical therapy in Denver for over 20 years.  She values the individual needs of each client and strives to restore optimal function above all else. Often called the “posture police” or “posture princess”, Jen focuses on how postures we attain in our daily work and active lives can contribute to or hinder healing.

Jen has continued her education to become an Advanced Practitioner of Functional Dry Needling and is a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist.  She continues to take courses in pain science, orthopedics and wellness.

When not working with clients you can find her skiing the bumps with family, out enjoying nature, swimming,  or sipping a strong cup of coffee and getting lost in a good book.

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Neil Bogan, MSPT, FNOR, MCT

Neil has over 26 years of experience in physical therapy, athletic training, and strength and conditioning.  He has most recently been focused on the interaction and influence of the brain and nervous system on chronic and acute musculoskeletal injuries, specifically how we can best influence the nervous system for quicker recovery from pain and injuries.  Neil is also a MovNat certified trainer, focusing on using natural human movements to restore strength and mobility for all ages.

Neil specializes in treating chronic conditions that have often gone unresolved by the medical community.

He is still an avid soccer player and hopes that he can continue to play for years to come.

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David Jacobs, B.S.E., FRC

David has been in the fitness industry for over 18 years and conducted over 15,000 training sessions.  After graduating from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science he has spent time working with just about every population from childhood weight loss programs to senior fitness.  His most recent certification is in Functional Range and Conditioning (FRC), a specialty focused on joint health through movement. His favorite thing to do is help people walk more efficiently, “a few million steps a year done efficiently vs. inefficiently makes all the difference in the world!”  

David specializes in helping people currently dealing with injuries and movement limitations gain as much fitness capacity as possible.

He has climbed half of the 14ers in Colorado (27/54) and if he’s not working as a mobility coach or spending time with his wife and two boys, in his words “I WANT TO BE HIKING!”

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