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Crawl Before You Walk


Calf Stretch

Walking/Hip/Balance Exercise

Crawling is the perfect exercise to reduce pain while walking. See how we do it at Level 3 Fitness. Can help improve foot, knee, hip, and/or low back pain and many other bodily dysfunction. Easy to do and extremely helpful for most people. This exercise can help improve your strength, balance, and overall efficiency in walking. Each person takes approximately 2-3 million steps per year. Make sure your body is strong in the walking position for a lifetime of this most important position.

Single Leg Balance

Single Leg Balance

Single Leg Balance

Use your non-weight bearing leg to reach behind you and then transition to reaching your foot in front of you.

Look at one spot ahead (head does not move during this exercise). Rotate your hips left and right and tap your non-weight bearing leg down near your end range.

Use your non-weight bearing leg to reach and tap to the left and right of your starting position.

Hip Hinge

If You Ain't Got Squat,

Then You Ain't Got Squat

3 Planes Step

This a short video on how to move at the hip to minimize low back and knee stress This is a quick video on our vitally important squat movement. THIS MOVEMENT IS THE BASIS FOR ALL UPRIGHT FUNCTIONAL AND ATHLETIC MOVEMENTS...learn to squat These 6 steps or lunges are the fundamentals of upright movement. You can expand your range of motion, speed, reps or add reaches (3 dimensional
of course)

Single Leg Balance
with Head Rotation

Side Of Hip
Foam Roller

Posterior Hip
Foam Roller

Great balance exercise when rehabbing foot/knee/hip injuries or used as a preventative exercise to increase functional balance.

The side of our hips have short, strong, and often imbalanced muscles. Foam rolling here can help improve IT Band issues, low back, SI Joint, and many other common ailments. Breathe and spend an extra minute visiting with your Gluteus medius.

Foam rolling this area can be extremely helpful with improving low back/SI joint/ and/or hip pain and dysfunction. Try to keep good head-shoulder posture and breathe as you roll this region. There are multiple layers of muscle tissue here so try to roll at different angles and depths.

Quads - Foam Roller

Thoracic Spine - Foam Roller

Foam Roller Exercise
For Improving Posture

Foam rolling the quads and IT Band. Breathe. Often tender the first few times trying this (you will feel the difference and its worth it!). This overworked and large muscle group could really use your attention if knee and/or low back issues are in your way. This exercise can help increase mobility in the the thoracic spice; which plays an important role in our low back and neck health and is an often overlooked area of the body. Be sure to support your head and breathe throughout. Knees bent, feet flat on the ground hip width apart. This simple exercise can be very effective at alleviating posture imbalance caused from sitting too much. Lie face up and breathe for 1-5 minutes each day or after any long duration sitting activity (work, driving, tv, movie). Knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Arm out to the side, palms up.

side of hip foam roller