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Pain-Free Fitness is accomplished through the integration of physical therapy and functional exercise

Achieve your goals with the guidance of our expert staff at Level 3 Fitness in Denver, Colorado.  Whether you have low-back pain, knee pain or just want to exercise without getting hurt we have services to meet your goals.


We provide solutions to help you exercise and move pain-free through Group Classes, Physical Therapy, Personal Training, and Movement Therapy.

R.E.A.L. Fitness Class

R.E.A.L. Fitness Classes (Relevant Exercises for Active Living)

Experience the best functional workout in Denver. Classes are designed to maximize your function in the REAL world.  This is not a bootcamp, a generic health club group exercise class or a one-size-fits-all push till you drop sweat shop. Only experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated trainers coaching you through specially designed workouts tailored to your needs.  Regardless of your current age or ability, you will experience a personalized workout in a small group setting finally getting you the results you have been looking for.  We limit each class to 5 people to ensure that you get the care of personal training at a fraction of the cost.  Improve your balance and flexibility, increase your functional strength, and eliminate your aches and pains today. Click here to try a class for free

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Level 3 Physical Therapy is unlike any other physical therapy clinic.  You will always be treated by the same quality licensed physical therapist in a one-on-one environment.  We do not use physical therapy assistants or aides to carry out your treatment plans.  We utilize some of the industries most advanced and state-of-the-art tools as well as stay up to date on current research and treatment modalities.

Your initial evaluation will always include a detailed history, and an extensive orthopedic evaluation to determine the cause of your pain.  Your physical therapist will then customize a treatment plan for you.  Most treatment sessions include hands-on manual therapy work to decrease pain and optimize joint and muscle function.  Then you will be guided through specific functional exercises designed specifically to improve your mobility, flexibility, and strength.  You will also be given a home exercise program to reinforce the positive changes that you get in the clinic.  These treatments are scheduled for either 25 or 55 minutes based on the evaluation and the therapists recommendations.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Level 3 personal training is not your “3 sets x 10 bench press” kind of a place.   We specialize in strength and endurance programs that improve your ability to do the activities that you love to do, pain-free of course.  You will go through an extensive health history and evaluation with one of our trainers. They will then design a training program that specifically addresses your needs and goals.   You will find trainers using principles and strategies of Applied Functional Science (AFS) to challenge your body in ways that are functionally similar to the things that are important to you (ie.  walking, running, reaching, golfing, gardening, picking up your grandchild, etc.). You name it, and we create the exercises and progression you need to get stronger and conditioned to perform at your highest level.

Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy

Movement therapy is for anyone who wants to build a healthy foundation of body awareness and learn basic strategies and skills toward moving pain-free.   Learn how to stretch and strengthen your body using authentic movement patterns such as reaching, lifting, kneeling, walking, crawling, twisting.  Come learn how to prevent or rehab painful movements  that you are experiencing through your activities of daily living (ADL), like sitting on a toilet, getting into a car, putting on your shoes, and/or using your computer.  Everyone has to move through three-dimensional space...we teach you how to do it effectively and efficiently for your specific needs. This will change your life.

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